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Low Profile Design™

Manufactured of the highest quality material made in the U.S.A., Cobra’s patented L series is the lowest profile nylon tie on the market. RoHS, UL21, and UL21S approved. Cobra zip ties offer higher level tensile strength vs. traditional rated products thus out performing in demanding environments. The L series evolutionary design is Safer than traditional ties designed for a smooth, snag-proof contour with no barbs or spikes to injure an installer or end user.

Benefits and features include

Enhances the visual appeal of your finished product.
Flexible head design easily conforms around tubing or bundled wiring.
Tamper proof pawl located under the tie's head. 
No sharp cutoff edges to injure the installer or end user.
Lowest profile nylon ties on the mark


Cobra tie’s unique, patented design is ideal for any application requiring a Safe, visually appealing low profile tie, from industrial uses to high-end consumer products. Manufactured of high quality nylon, the Cobra tie enhances the finished appearance of a wide variety of applications, for Industrial, Intermodal, Defense, Robotics, Medical, to recreational applications.
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